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    How to log in to the system

    • Click on the 'Login' link found on the main page
    • Enter user name and password in the login page. If you don't have them, contact administrator.
    • Click 'Login' button. Once you see a welcome message on the top of the main page, you are successfully logged in.

    How to enter a chat room

    • On the main page, make sure some rooms are listed. If they are not, contact Administrator.
    • Click on a room name or its description that appears below it.
    • The room you clicked on will, at a minimum, ask for a name to identify you with(nickname).
      If the room is a password-protected room, it will also ask you for a password seperately
    • For entering 'Room C'(grayed out room at the end of the list), you will need to log in first.
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