"Why I Smoke" Test

5-Always; 4-Frequently; 3-Occasionally; 2-Seldom; 1-Never

Please select one of the choices for all questions.

A. I smoke cigarettes to keep from slowing down.

B. Handling a cigarette is part of the enjoyment of smoking it.

C. Smoking cigarettes is pleasant and relaxing.

D. I light up a cigarette when I’m upset about something.

E. When I run out of cigarettes I find it almost unbearable.

F. I smoke automatically without even being aware of it.

G. I smoke to perk myself up.

H. Part of the enjoyment of smoking comes from the steps I take to light up.

I. I find cigarettes pleasurable.

J. When I feel uncomfortable about something, I light up a cigarette.

K. I am very much aware of the fact when I am not smoking.

L. I light up a cigarette without realizing I still have one burning in the ashtray.

M. I smoke to give myself a "lift."

N. Part of the enjoyment of smoking is in watching the smoke I exhale.

O. I want a cigarette most when I am comfortable and relaxed.

P. When I feel "blue" or want to take my mind off my cares, I smoke a cigarette.

Q. I get a real craving for a cigarette when I haven’t smoked for a while.

R. I’ve found a cigarette in my mouth and didn’t remember having put it there.

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