Tools for the First Two Weeks

The first few weeks off cigarettes can be tough, but things do improve. Though symptoms may be strong at first, they will go away. Tell yourself you are recovering from smoking, not in withdrawal. The symptoms are your body's way of telling you it is on the mend!

  1. Keep busy: When you distract yourself by doing something else, the urge to smoke may go away.

  2. Use positive self-talk to help you through the tough times.  Statements like, "I will not smoke no matter what," or "My body is telling me it is getting better," can help you master times of strong cravings.

  3. Don't forget your Butt Jar. Keep it someplace where you can see it as a reminder you are not putting that stuff into your body anymore.

  4. Don't forget the Five D's:
    • Delay
    • Drink water
    • Do something else
    • Deep breathe
    • Discuss your feelings
  5. Most importantly, don’t worry about what it will be like without a smoke a month from now. Try to stay in the moment and focus on not smoking just for today. When you get up tomorrow, commit to not smoking for that day. The days will add up fast!

Hang in there. You can do it!

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