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Tobacco Treatment Options

Programs consisting of several treatment components have proven to be successful.

The most successful and highest recommended treatment option is physician/healthcare provider support and monitoring along with medication and counseling.

  1. Offer the Free online quit plan offered through the NY State Smokers' Quitline.
  2. Healthcare Provider Counseling: Healthcare providers play a critical role in tobacco treatment by counseling patients about tobacco addiction, monitoring their progress, providing information about medications and following up to reduce relapse.lapse.
    Tobacco Dependence Treatment Medications
  3. Medications: Nicotine replacement therapies, as well as bupropion SR and varenicline help the tobacco user fight the physical addiction. Most products are available by prescription; the nicotine patch, gum and lozenge are available over the counter.
  4. New York State Smokers’ Quitline, 866-NY-QUITS (866-697-8487): The Quit Line provides information on quitting tobacco use, one-on-one, practical counseling on how to increase the chance for success and referrals to local quit-smoking programs and services. All services are free and confidential.